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About Us

Our Mission

Northport Media partners with its clients to solve their business problems, using a flexible methodology that incorporates relevant, leading-edge technology to achieve measurable and repeatable success.

Our History

Founded by Ray Starbird in the spring of 2008, Northport Media was created to solve problems. Like Winston Wolfe in Pulp Fiction, we fix things. Typically not in The Wolf's fashion, but with similar success. Building on years of success with Fortune 500 and early-stage firms, we combine the best of big business vision and experience with the agility and speed of a start-up.

Ray's career began with the Business Systems Group at Sprint Corp's southeast regional headquarters. From this team of talented systems engineers Ray learned about data networks and how to serve key customers.

Desiring to add LAN experience to his WAN knowledge, Ray moved on to AvData Systems, which designed, installed, and managed terrestrial- and satellite-based wide area networks. As the Information Systems Manager, Ray developed and implemented the IS/IT strategy for this rapidly growing firm. As archaic as it now sounds, he developed the business case and later installed the first company email system and initial Internet connectivity. He managed a 125-node LAN and digital telephone system, upgrading the later from a basic key system to a fault-tolerant PBX for a 24x7 call center (indeed, no calls were dropped during the cut-over).

Eager to move closer to the customer, Ray joined the fledgling as a Sales Engineer in the Business Services Group. This ISP subsidiary of BellSouth had just launched residential dial-up services, and was quickly building B2B services. Ray had so many suggestions for improving the services he supported that the product team encouraged him to join. So he did, taking the lead on such products as Managed Router Services and Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), and building and launching Managed VPN Services, among others.

By this time had grown tremendously, and the bureaucracy associated with such size crept in, so Ray joined the dotcom revolution and signed on with Nexchange Corp as the Director of Product Development. Building the product and program management organizations from the ground up, Ray quickly focused development on business objectives, rather than "which sales person yells loudest." He managed the development and launch of of B2C and B2B products such as ProMerchandising, an innovative contextual merchandising technology. Always one to enjoy wearing many hats, Ray joined the sales team to help close the deal in his first week with the company.

After Nexchange fell into the dotcom deadpool, Ray wanted to continue building consumer-oriented products, but a new challenge was needed, so he joined Cox Communications to learn more about the cable TV and media industries. Within a few short months Ray was a key member of the team that transitioned cable modem customers from Excite@Home to a Cox-built and -operated network. He built critical services such as Email, Personal WebSpace, and Member Services. After the wildly successful Excite@Home transition, Ray focused on online content and services, negotiating partnerships with Time Warner, Viacom, News Corp, Disney, Microsoft, MLB, the NBA, RealNetworks, and McAfee, among others. Ray has been a panelist at events such as Digital Hollywood, GameNET, and The Cable Show, and has been interviewed by USA TODAY and many cable industry publications. He built relationships with local universities, judging Emory University's Goizueta Marketing Strategy Consulting Program and managing Cox's investment in the Georgia Tech Broadband Institute.

Ray left Cox as the Director, Strategy & Development, in order to start Northport Media. He continues to work with many cable colleagues and closely follows the industry.

The Town of Northport

Incorporated in 1796, Northport is a coastal town on Penobscot Bay in the mid-coast region of Maine. Mostly rural, with a population hovering over 1300, Northport is known for its rich natural beauty and active civic organizations.

Among the early settlers of Northport were several veterans of the Revolution and earlier wars, many of whom later repelled an attempted landing at Saturday Cove by British soldiers during the war of 1812. Today Northport's citizens and visitors take advantage of its prime location on Penobscot Bay for any number of outdoor activities, while appreciating the amenities of nearby cities such as Bangor.

Learn more about Northport here, here, and here; view Google maps.