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Some of the firms with which we've worked.


Northport Media has deep experience with national MSOs, specializing in online services and content. Successful national product launches include email, personal webspace, desktop security, member services, and online music, sports, and entertainment packages. We can help you evaluate a new product line, line extension, or entirely new business. You can immediately boost your strategy/product teams, without hiring a full-time employee. Northport can also assist in the identification and assessment of partnership opportunites.


Long gone are the days of voice/video/data/wireless business silos. New partnerships and product releases should include cross-platform components where appropriate. Northport Media has worked with every major programmer seeking to distribute valuable content on the web. Relationships are key, as many operators are wary of their partners running an "end around" online. Programmers seeking to understand the MSO perspective can work with Northport, preferrably prior to the pitch.

Technology Firms

The cable industry can mystify even seasoned technology veterans unaccustomed to the unusual relationships among operators and programmers. If you're looking for distribution, especially of online services, Northport can help you understand the industry. From technology proofs of concept to customer trials, we can help you position for success. We can answer essential questions such as: How do we attract an MSO for a technical trial? How do MSOs budget? When do MSOs budget, and why is that important? How do we address their over-the-top concerns?

Are these challenges familiar? Contact us to learn more.

Case Study

Northport Media lead strategy discussions with leaders of a global online applications and hosting company; identified economic opportunities of de-emphasizing consumer services in favor of targeting small and medium businesses.

Case Study

Northport Media was engaged by a global desktop security provider to evaluate product lines and business development strategies, and assist with a won/loss analysis. These discussions enabled this provider to better position its current products and refocus on the primary target of future products.