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Solutions | Healthcare

Northport Media's founder is married to a partner in a successful OB/GYN practice. The impetus for this line of business came from listening to her frustrations and learning her challenges. We quickly discovered the opportunity to lend our business experience to healthcare experts.

Northport Media helps doctors tackle the problems that weren't addressed in medical school or residency. We can help you improve patient care by running your practice like a business.

Is your practice considering an EMR (electronic medical records) project? Do you intuitively know there must be a better way to run the office, but are unsure where to start? We can help. Northport Media recognizes that patients are customers. We introduce concepts such as customer segmentation and lifetime value. Together we can implement sound business practices so you can focus on patient care.

Together we can improve the health of your business. Contact us to learn more.

Case Study

Northport Media consulted with a midsized private medical practice regarding execution of an EMR (electronic medical records) project. We recommended a hosted solution, shared implementation best practices, and provided valuable input into contract negotiations (e.g., adopting performance-based fee structure, and specifying service level agreements).