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Some of the firms with which we've worked.

As a small business, Northport Media understands what keeps you up at night. We specialize in disciplines such as strategic planning, product development and management, technology evaluation and implementation, market forecasting, customer segmentation, financial planning, and resource allocation.

We take the time to learn about your business and understand your opportunities. Together we'll set and prioritize objectives, then develop a plan to meet these goals. Our methodology places a great deal of importance on defining and measuring success, so together we know when we're on the right track, or when we need to adjust.

Our experience ranges from single-person entities to Fortune 500 firms. We understand your challenges because we've been on both sides of the table. We have bought and sold technology services; been a consultant and managed consultants; been a member of the senior team and pitched to C-level executives. This broad perspective empowers us to see through the chaff and focus solely on solving your problems.

Years of managing consultants left us wishing for a better arrangement than "time and expenses," as we didn't like getting billed for every phone call and email. We prefer to agree on what value we'll add up front, and then share in the success later. We believe a rising tide lifts all boats.

Can we grow together? Contact us to learn more.

Case Study

Initially engaged to help design and implement a client's online presence, we began by asking the client about her customers and competition. Simple customer segmentation lead us to identify the target audience and determine how to engage her best prospects. Instead of designing a graphics-heavy site that focused on her portfolio, we created a simple site tailored to meet the needs of her preferred prospects; solving their problems helped address our client's problems.